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Hi Kunal (Kapoor)

I have so much to say to you, but I am clueless where to start from. I liked you ever since I saw you first in Meenaxi. Let me tell you a story first. During the medieval age there was a lady captivated in her lonesome castle since a spell forbade her to cast a look at the outside world. But one day while she was looking at the mirror she saw a reflection of a knight in shinning armour passing by like a flash. She fell so desperately in love with him that she leaned out of her window and hence saw the outside world. It spelt her doom and she died a grievous death. Thus ended the life of a beautiful woman while her lover never came to know of the whole incident. Wasnít it really piteous'

Kunal, you are like that dazzling star to me and maybe I shall also end up in the same way some day for I love you, Kunal, deeply, madly, honestly. Whenever you look at me, I feel like a princess. Your charming innocent looks haunt me night and day, believe me, Hunky. I earnestly wish you will read this letter.

I am a 16-year-old schoolgirl. The story I just narrated is from the medieval times and I hope you donít expect someone from the modern age to die for somebody, do you' Honey, of course, I love you very much. Wish you a Happy April Foolís Day and others too like Valentineís Day, Birthday, etc.

Lots of kisses.

Your most adoring darling lovergirl.


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