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Divided minds
The only responsible way to manage schizophrenia, most psychiatrists have long insisted, is to treat its symptoms when they first surface with antipsychotic drugs, which help dissolve hallucinations and quiet imaginary voices. Delaying treatment, some researchers say, may damage the brain. ...  | Read.. 
Against identity theft
Microsoft has announced that it is launching legal action against more than a hundred “phishing” gangs, which seek to trick e-mail users int ...  | Read.. 
Tracking the tsunami
Tsunami was lesser-known and therefore lesser-feared, until the gigantic tragedy that struck areas lying in the Indian Ocean region in December 2004. ...  | Read.. 
A scene from the film 15 Park Avenue, which revolves around a schizophrenic woman
Divided minds
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Fainting plants
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Dedication pays
Unwanted dialogue
How often should you format a hard disk' How do you download a free anti-virus software without getting interrupted' ...  | Read.. 
Mental typewriter
New-age circuit
Learning to live
Pradip is a 55-year-old man, but is totally dependent on his octogenarian mother to care for him. Since childhood, he has been a loner and found it difficult to interact with people. Throughout his life, he followed certain routines because he cannot ...  | Read.. 
Make the right choices
Double benefit
Nasal sprays can bring on a vicious cycle
Climate change may worsen infections
Drug-induced gambling
Low-carb diet’s dangerous
Fake fags can help the heart
QED: Medically futile
Pro-animal-research activists may say what they wish to (New-age Terrorism, March 20) but there is little to substantiate their claim that research on animals helps human beings. The argument that we owe most or all of our advances in medicine ...  | Read.. 
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