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Room for rent
When Anuj Dutta, a marketing professional, moved to Mumbai three years ago, he had no problem finding a home on rent. He was spoilt for choice as offers poured in from brokers. ...  | Read.. 
Live happily ever after, in ‘Snobville’
In June, I received an e-mail from one of my schoolmates who has bought a large 4000-sq-ft flat in an upscale NRI housing complex near Bangalore. ...  | Read.. 
A dream with a glass dome
Strange as it may sound, my first home is one that has not been built yet. Rather than calling it my first home, I would like to describe it as my “dream home”, espe ...  | Read.. 
Tone up the two rooms you cannot do without
Service rooms ' bathrooms and kitchens ' have several features in common. They are both for specific purposes and not just extra living areas. And second, they take a lot of & ...  | Read.. 
Room for rent
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