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The new model Ford is back in action
It is nearly three years since Harrison Ford’s last movie, the poorly received Hollywood Homicide, disappeared from the cinemas, and since then the actor, too, has dropped from the Hollywood radar. Now, with a new film, Firewall, s...  | Read.. 
The school that Daya Nayak built
Yennehole is like any blink-and-you-miss-it village on the winding Western Ghat state highway. Located 65 km from Mangalore, ...  | Read.. 
Nation’s envy, state’s pride
The crackers are still bursting in Assam. Days after a young man from the state won a much-coveted and keenly-fought singing ...  | Read.. 
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Spy princess
The week before she left, Noor was brought to the flat at Orchard Court, manned by the famous butler Parks, where agents stayed before they left on their missions. The time the agents spent at Orchard Court was a brief period of luxury before their g...  | Read.. 
A day of our own
If you missed observing International Women's Day (IWD) on March 8, try November. That’s when a handful of men celebrate International Men’s Day in Trinidad & Tobago. There is an International Men’s Day on February 7 in Malta,...  | Read.. 
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Reborn: Harrison Ford in the film Firewall
The new model Ford is back in action