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Water on Saturn moon
Saturn’s moon Enceladus may hold underground reservoirs of liquid water that erupts from its surface as geysers, scientists announced today, triggering speculations about living organisms in a cold, hostile habitat....  | Read.. 
DNA test to trace Columbus roots
Nearly 500 years after the death of Christopher Columbus, a team of genetic researchers are using DNA to solve two nagging ...  | Read.. 
Blond Bond battles odds
Is the next James Bond too blond for Her Majesty’s Secret Service' Stricken by heat rash' Licensed to kill but not lice ...  | Read.. 
Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way
If you’re one of those with a flair for skating, strap on your wheels and rage down the road. As you roll past startled pedestrians, zigzagging your way through innumera...  | Read.. 
Actor Sarah Jessica Parker at the presentation of her film Failure To Launch in Berlin. (AFP)