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Tibetan protest debut
A Tibetan activist challenged Chinese authorities yesterday by unfurling a provocative banner opposite the Great Hall of the People at Tiananmen Square, where China’s parliament is currently in session. ...  | Read.. 
Flu kills girl in China, toll 10
A nine-year-old girl has died of bird flu in China, state media said today, as the UN stepped up efforts to battle the rapidly spreading virus. ...  | Read.. 
Scientist’s fusion claim to be probed
Purdue University is investigating complaints about a scientist who claimed to have achieved “cold fusion” using sound waves to make bubbles in a test tube, the uni ...  | Read.. 
Republicans defy Bush
Defying President George W. Bush, Republicans in the House of Representatives yesterday moved to block plans by a state-owned Arab company to manage six US ports by attaching ...  | Read.. 
Iran ‘harm & pain’ threat
Iran warned the US today it could inflict “harm and pain” to match whatever punishment Washington persuaded the UN Security Council to dole out for Tehran’s re ...  | Read.. 
Charlize Theron in Tokyo to promote her latest film Aeon Flux on Wednesday. (Reuters)
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Scientist in Dolly denial
The man whose name is synonymous with the cloning of Dolly the sheep admitted yesterday that he..  | Read.. 
After Crash, racism in Salma film
Racism in Los Angeles is a hot topic after the Oscar triumph of Crash and it’s back on ..  | Read..