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Musharraf's China card
A pivotal event for India and Pakistan was 9/11. The US decided precipitately and, as it turned out, wrongly that al Qaida was behind the attacks and that the Taliban had given it sanctuary in Afghanistan. It decided to invade Afghanistan, remove the Taliban and hunt for Osama bin Laden. Pakistan was Taliban’s progenitor and protector...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Charged up
Sir ' The editorial, 'Just a start' (Feb 27), which says that all right- thinking Indians will hail ...  | Read.. 
Back to front
Sir ' The left's endeavour to empower women members of the party by encouraging them to work as who ...  | Read.. 
It is not too difficult to make an ass of the law. The accused in the Jessica Lal murder case seemed to have managed to do th...| Read.. 
Leftwing politics is notorious for partisan wars. This is fundamentally due to the importance of violence in leftist ideology...| Read.. 
Sniffing it out in india
The celebrated Bush visit is over and children can go to their examination centres on time, citizens can move about their cit...  | Read.. 
Friends, not allies
An entente with the US does not compromise India’s independent, or non-aligned, foreign policy, argues Chandrashekhar Dasgupta...  | Read.. 
Living with the Kiwis
'You get methi saak and karala there' Fresh' Amazing!'...  | Read.. 
Gentlemen know that fresh air should be kept in its proper place ' out of doors ' and that, God having given us indoors and out-of-doors, we should not attempt to do away with that distinction. ' ROSE MACAULAY