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The best and the worst of Oscars

Los Angeles, March 6: They saved the best, or at least the biggest surprise, for last. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to love (or hate or feel completely indifferent about) at the 78th Academy Awards. Without further ado, here are the nominees for the Oscar telecast’s most watercooler-worthy moments....

Best non-denial: Ryan Seacrest, in a pre-show party, trying to weasel info from friend of Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, about those persistent rumors of a Kidman/Keith Urban wedding. “I’m not discussing that' I don’t know anything,” Watts said, before making an awkward segue into a sales pitch for hybrid cars.

P.S.: In celebspeak, that non-denial is as good as a confirmation, so congratulations Nicole and Keith.

Most ironic acceptance speech: Tom Hanks’s spoof speech, a taped bit in which the two-time Oscar winner tried to demonstrate the woe that would befall any Oscar winners who went past their allotted acceptance speech time. Sadly, the bit was both unfunny and not-so-well acted, meaning the 1:33 wasted on Hanks’s fake speech might actually have been better used letting one of tonight’s winners speak. Like, say, Crash writer Bobby Moresco, who was rudely cut off just as he approached the microphone while accepting the Oscar for best original screenplay.

Best restraint by an actor: While it might have been sort of funny, for a minute, to see best actor winner Philip Seymour Hoffman make good on that teenage bet he made with his friends and fellow Capote filmmakers to bark his entire acceptance speech, is that really the way we want to remember any best actor winner'

Best restraint by an actress: Got to hand it to best supporting actress Rachel Weisz for not going into labour. She’s about six months’ pregnant; nabbing an Oscar is a pretty emotional moment, so kudos on receiving the statuette and on not having Junior make the ultimate scene-stealing entry.

Best comeback: Alias and Elektra star Jennifer Garner nearly did an embarrassing trip-and-slip when she took the stage to present the Oscar for sound editing, but she steadied herself in time and recovered by saying she did her own stunts.

Wait, did we turn into the Country Music Association': Nah. Dolly Parton in her stark white outfit, belting out her Transamerica original song nominee Travelin’ Thru on a big, empty stage just made it seem like we’d tuned in to the CMA ceremony.

Or is this the MTV Video Music Awards': Nah. Rappers Three 6 Mafia, belting out their Hustle & Flow original song winner It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp on a busy stage, backed by gyrating dancers, just made it seem like we’d tuned into the VMA ceremony.

Most excited winners: Nope, not the Crash people.

It was the aforementioned Three 6 Mafia, who scored the best original song Oscar and rushed the stage to thank everyone from their friends and family to Oscar producer Gil Cates and, of course, God.

See, we told you it was like the VMAs.

Most imaginative disguised free publicity: Who among us has not pondered the proliferation of pants- less Disney ducks'

But Disney themselves (parent company of Oscar broadcaster ABC) did us one better, getting their own animated stars Abby Mallard, and her fowl-weathered friend Chicken Little, to protest the pants glitch while presenting the award for animated short film.

Listen to my acceptance speech and nobody gets hurt!: Tsotsi director Gavin Hood, in a voice reminiscent of vintage Schwarzenegger, told, neigh, ordered, the telecast crew to turn the cameras on the stars of his best foreign language film.

Thankfully they did, because Hood sounded like he would have thrown down with the Oscar dudes had they not complied.

Most burning post-Oscar questions: Who was Tom Hanks angrily talking to (cursing at') as he hurriedly walked to the stage to present the best director award' Who did Joaquin Phoenix mouth “I love you” to during the best actor nominee rundowns'

And did we hear Crash producer Cathy Schulman thank “my husband, my wife” in her best picture acceptance speech' Maybe that was just her tribute to Transamerica'

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