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The best and the worst of Oscars
They saved the best, or at least the biggest surprise, for last. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to love (or hate or feel completely indifferent about) at the 78th Academy Awards. Without further ado, here are the nominees fo...  | Read.. 
Asian director debut
Taiwan cheered a local boy who made good today when Ang Lee won the Oscar for best director, the first Asian to win one of H ...  | Read.. 
Play school' It could ruin your child
This Holi, Rashmi Das is looking forward to getting her first greeting card from her son. Although the festival is a month away, the card is ready and pasted in her two-and-a-...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Family first
When Ramu decided to turn down a job that was offered to him, his parents were appalled. The assignment was a fantastic one, involving a promotion, a huge pay hike, and the op...  | Read.. 
Cathy Schulman (left) and Paul Haggis (right), producers of best film award winner Crash, after receiving the Oscars from Jack Nicholson on Mo ...  | Read