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The gender mender
Dr Marianne Legato is an extraordinary woman. A doctor and scientist ' and bestselling author ' she has created a new discipline, gender-specific medicine: the science of how men and women differ. But more than this, she has persuaded her conservative colleagues to embrace its findings with enthusia...  | Read.. 
India innovates
A car that can travel both on land and water or a handheld translator that makes you multilingual might sound like something straight from a science f ...  | Read.. 
A questionable remedy
Is homeopathy a complex science or a questionable remedy' This was the issue that was discussed at the Dr Bholanath Chakravarty Memorial Trust Seminar ...  | Read.. 
The gender mender
Gut instinct
Angry tuskers
Hunter T rex
Sharp shooting
A US agenda
Chinese licorice
Double benefit
Hitting paydirt in Japan
When a troupe of Japanese Noh dancers gave a performance at the Homi Bhabha auditorium in Mumbai in the early 1980s, they met with noisy impatience and intolerance: the music was shrill and strange and the dance nothing like either Western ballet or ...  | Read.. 
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Sweet dreams
This will be familiar territory to the one in 10 people who suffer from insomnia, many of whom have not had a decent night’s sleep for years. Frank McNab, 49, is among them. “I’ve had a problem sleeping since I was a child,” says ...  | Read.. 
Don’t worry mamma
When straight lines appear wavy
Great defender
US military violates medical ethics
Children’s allergy and asthma
Green tea for sharper minds
Optimism good for heart
QED: All about bird flu
MANY MAY CURSE them as technology’s bane, but bloggers are here to stay. And it would be wise to delve deeper into their activities rather than rejecting blogs as an inane flood of information on the internet. ...  | Read.. 
Recommended: Medical science fallible after all
DR Golem: how to think about medicine Harry Collins & Trevor Pinch University of Chicago Press; $ 25...  | Read.. 
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Why does hot water leave blisters on our skins'
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