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Bond pen for cops

London, March 2: A police force has begun using a “James Bond-style” pen it hopes will cut down on paperwork and enable officers to spend more time fighting crime.

The pen works like a normal ballpoint but it has a camera under the nib, which records what the officer has written. The data is then sent via a mobile phone to a central force computer where it is automatically converted into text.

The force said the process meant officers did not have to return to their station to painstakingly type information from forms on to a computer. Some minor offences could take as long as three hours to process under the old system.

Martin Baker, the chief constable of Dorset police, said: “Officers typically spend up to a quarter of their time filling in forms. But now where crime is committed we can be out there investigating offences instead of form filling. It means we can focus on the needs of individuals and give a better service.”

The '100 pen, produced by an IT firm Magicomm, is bei-ng used by 30 officers from the force’s crime scene investigation unit. The force has bought 30 pens at a cost of '3,000.

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