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Lucky and wise
An exercised journalist asked P. Chidambaram at his post-budget press conference whether he would have to pay 12 per cent service tax on all the cash he withdrew from an automatic teller machine. The finance minister was amused; he said the tax would...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The hidden message
Sir ' It is mindboggling that 3 crore votes were polled through telephones and SMSs from eastern I ...  | Read.. 
Road back to hell
Sir ' The sanction given by the left-run Calcutta corporation to hawkers to permanently station the ...  | Read.. 
Is the trend of 8 per cent GDP growth on auto-pilot or have Central government policies contributed' And if the target growth...| Read.. 
Why less hype is more health
The author is director, India Development Foundation, Gurgaon...  | Read.. 
Far from the full measure
The author is former director-general, National Council for Applied Economic Research...  | Read.. 
If socialists lose sight of the central importance of social ownership of the means of production, they will cease, in a very real sense, to be socialists at all: they will subside into the role of well-intentioned, amiable, rootless, drifting social reformers. 'JOHN STRACHEY