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India gets sops, Pak gripe
President George W. Bush is travelling to India with his briefcase full of plans and projects and his agenda for talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is brimming over with items that can barely be handled in a one-day summit. ...  | Read.. 
Nuke divisions persist
US under secretary of state Nicholas Burns today said “some differences” were hampering the implementation of the nuclear deal with India and he was unsure if i ...  | Read.. 
Civil war looms over Iraq
Sectarian violence killed more than 130 people across Iraq and left dozens of mosques damaged or in ruins as the US appealed today to Sunnis and Shias to step back from the b ...  | Read.. 
Protesters shot and dumped
Gunmen at a makeshift checkpoint outside Baghdad dragged more than 40 people from their cars and shot them dead today, dumping their bodies in a roadside ditch, police and ot ...  | Read.. 
A girl eats a biscuit that was part of the installation art display called Eating the City by Song Dong in Selfridges department store, London. The ...  | Read
Moscow collapse
US appeal
France flu
Epic plans for Crowe, Kidman
Oscar winners Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman have signed up for an Australian historical epic to b..  | Read.. 
Biggest UK heist: '50 m stolen
Detectives hunted today for an armed and “callous” gang who posed as police to steal up t..  | Read..