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Science is fun

The birla industrial and Technological Museum is holding a science week for children. It started on February 22 ' the National Science Day ' and will continue till February 28. The eventful week, commemorating the achievements of Nobel Laureate C.V. Raman, includes science shows, astronomy demonstrations, 3D shows on Mars, quiz, painting competitions, debates and essay writing. In addition, there are extempore speeches on popular science topics. Arrangements have been made to introduce children to various scientific fields ranging from atomic science and biotechnology to electricity, metallurgy and mining, using models that will make difficult issues easily comprehensible. So donít forget to drop by at the Museum one of these days.

brain power


Match point

Good news for video game addicts. A recent study conducted in York University in the UK among 100 students proves that video games help children to keep their brains active. Also, skilful gamers have been found to be more intelligent and fast thinkers with better common sense. Kids playing video games are also better equipped to learn new languages. The study will soon be published in the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology. So, the next time you keep your eyes glued to that tiny set for hours, and your mom scolds you, assure her you are on your way to becoming a second Einstein.

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