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Holocaust historian refuses to apologise
British historian David Irving, jailed by an Austrian court for denying the Holocaust, refused today to apologise for offending victims of the Nazi death camps and said he would not be silenced....  | Read.. 
At lunch, smart chimps show appetite for tools
Chimpanzees have been captured on film using “tool kits” to break into a termite mound in what is believed to ...  | Read.. 
To cap it all
Aamir Khan wears one. So does Preity Zinta. And now the new kid on the entertainment block, a would-be singer called Vinit, is being identified as much by his vocal chords as ...  | Read.. 
Check-out: How safe is the elevator'
I t could well be the stuff horror movies are made of. Only in this case, it was a real life tragedy. A 35-year-old resident, Hitoshi Nikaidoh, was decapitated by a malfunctio...  | Read.. 
Actor Carmen Electra after a news conference in Vienna. (Reuters)