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Saudi daily prints cartoons
Saudi Arabia has suspended a youth daily that carried cartoons satirising the Prophet Mohammad that have sparked violent protests around the world, journalists from the newspaper said today. ...  | Read.. 
Mecca Cola sales rise
UAE-based Mecca Cola, touted by its makers as an Islamic alternative to western brand soft drinks, has seen sales triple since anger erupted in Muslim countries over cartoons ...  | Read.. 
Editor faces trial by old law
A Norwegian Muslim has reported a newspaper editor who published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad to the police for violating a blasphemy law last used in 1933 against a poet ...  | Read.. 
More nations fall to virus
The H5N1 strain of bird flu was confirmed in Hungary and Croatia today as the deadly virus spread around the globe, while EU officials considered measures to vaccinate millio ...  | Read.. 
France laughs
Gallows humour has set in at the poultry hall of a large wholesale market near Paris where worried buyers and sellers are wondering what France’s first case of the H5N1 ...  | Read.. 
Summers resigns
Harvard University president Lawrence Summers has resigned after a turbulent five years of leading the prestigious school. ...  | Read.. 
Rachel Weisz at the Elle Style Awards in London. (AFP)
Jagger and son
Dutch dart
Sick bikers
Future: Centurions rule
Life expectancy may balloon to 100 years old in rich nations thanks to scientific advances, but suc..  | Read.. 
Indian English challenge hurts Britain
The dominance of English as the world’s top language ' until recently an advantage to both Bri..  | Read.. 
EU ponders mercury ban
The EU may soon ban new thermometers that contain mercury, ...  | Read.. 

China backs Pak peace plans
China today welcomed Pakistan’s efforts to promote pe ...  | Read.. 

Militants get death
More than 20 months after they tried to kill the Karach ...  | Read..