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Wring neck, bury by hand, 3000 a night
Ismail Khan can’t believe this is happening to the business he inherited from his father. ...  | Read.. 
Move to double drug stocks
The health ministry has procured 50,000 courses of the anti-viral drug oseltamivir and plans to double its stockpile within the next few weeks, officials said today. ...  | Read.. 
London tests
Heeding the demand of poultry owners for a second opinion on the bird flu outbreak here, the Maharashtra government has sent samples of chickens suspected to have the virus ...  | Read.. 
Sample surfeit jolts Bhopal
Thousands of samples kept pouring into the Bhopal-based High Security Animal Disease Laboratory (HSADL) from across the country, spreading concern among residents of the ...  | Read.. 
One’s poison, another’s meat
Poultry trader Mohammad Taqi is a sad man despite buying chickens at a discount of nearly 40 per cent. ...  | Read.. 
A Pakistani relative (right) greets an Indian passenger who arrived by the Thar Express at Karachi station on Sunday. (AFP)
Wetland survey
Gujarat cull
Dhaka alert
France duck
Hint of urban appeal in Buddhist finds
Two statues of the Buddha have been dug up near the Tamil Nadu capital, opening up exciting pos..  | Read.. 
Chirac comes calling, Scorpene goes to CBI
The defence ministry has asked for a probe by the CBI after three naval officers were dismissed..  | Read.. 
Bengal sets alert guidelines
The state government today announced guidelines for ear ...  | Read.. 

Scepticism & conspiracy theory at play
The chairperson of the National Egg Co-ordination Committee ...  | Read.. 

Andhra counting put off
The Election Commission has put off counting of ballots ...  | Read.. 

Punjab top cop spills terror beans
The director-general of Punjab police has revealed that ...  | Read.. 

New light on Beatles’ split with maharishi
The spat between the Beatles and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ...  | Read.. 

Blast in soft drink crates
At least 25 people were injured in an RDX explosion in ...  | Read.. 

Kanishka charge
A perjury charge has been filed against a Sikh militant who ...  | Read.. 

Church bid to clean up education
Quota for girls, backwards, Dalits and marginalised chi ...  | Read.. 

Ski resort braves gods’ wrath
Hurtling down mountain slopes can be a risky business e ...  | Read.. 

‘Retired’ Atal in seat watch
Atal Bihari Vajpayee may have announced his “retir ...  | Read..