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Death of a star
A single pencil and three A4 sheets are all that Pankaj Joshi needs to portray the end stages of an obese star. He’s spent the past two decades exploring the final moments of stars through pure mathematics scribbled on sheets of paper or on blackboards. ...  | Read.. 
Finest legacy
London has a new museum. It honours Benjamin Franklin, the statesman and inventor (he dabbled in philosophy too, with his moving aphorism that “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”) ...  | Read.. 
IT has other uses too
The traditional scarecrow can’t scare away birds any more, armed as it is with only rags and sticks. Now an Indian researcher has undertaken the ...  | Read.. 
Death of a star
Data security
Lunar impact
Greek treatise
Sense of taste
Sex in the media
Wrong note
Foul practice
Paired perfection
Those crazy kids today! Their home music systems often wind up split in two. In this corner: the computer, stuffed with music files copied from CDs or downloaded from the Internet. In that corner: the stereo system or home theatre. The challenge is p ...  | Read.. 
Clean bathrooms
Missile disrupter
Booster failure
Attention all teenagers and adults, and especially grandparents younger than 65. Chances are you are vulnerable to whooping cough, the disease known medically as pertussis ' the only vaccine-preventable illness still on the rise in some countries. ...  | Read.. 
Double benefit
A cursed lineage
Control is always better than cure
Whole grains good for the diabetic heart
Kissing leads to meningitis
Steroid better against asthma
Sex and love are not the same
QED: Unequal opportunities
Lawrence summers, the director of Harvard University, is the original “culprit”. His now famous comment about “women not succeeding in the field of science” has subjected us to reams of newsprint and debates on gender equality. Now ...  | Read.. 
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Mark Siegel
Wiley; $ 24.95
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Why do mosquitoes swarm above our heads'
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