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Pak mob ire near Indian mission
In violent protests against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in European newspapers, two persons were killed in Lahore and a rampaging mob damaged a vehicle belonging to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad today. ...  | Read.. 
Iran renames pastries
Not content with pelting European embassies with petrol bombs to protest against cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, Iranians have decided to rename the “Danish pastries ...  | Read.. 
Death for two Australians
An Indonesian court today sentenced two young Australian men to die by firing squad for trying to smuggle heroin from Bali. ...  | Read.. 
Sharon son
An Israeli magistrate’s court sentenced Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s son, Omri, to nine months in prison today over the illegal funding of his father’s 1999 c ...  | Read.. 
A policeman arrests a student during a protest in Islamabad. (Reuters)
London for love
Rose bids
Saddam strike
Nuclear gas
China media
Baby math
Lost World 2 found
A treasure trove of undiscovered marine life has been found on an underwater mountain top in th..  | Read.. 
Cheney faces flak over firing
The White House was bombarded with questions yesterday about why ..  | Read..