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Sleuth scan on tech wannabes

Infidelity alone is not what's keeping the city's private detectives on their toes. It's also the other big I ' information technology ' that is keeping them busy, 24x7.

Desperately seeking sleuths is the management mantra in Salt Lake's Sector V, as a cross-check of credentials becomes the bedrock of recruitment policy in an industry dogged by fraudulent CVs.

This is not the exception, but the rule. 'We have verified the backgrounds of more than 5,000 candidates in the past year, almost all from the IT sector,' says a source in Tops Security. 'Earlier, we used to do a few pre-employment background screenings for some companies, but in the past year the number of such cases has gone up dramatically.'

Known for providing security cover to Bollywood stars on trips into town, the bread-and-butter cases for Tops now come from the CV-scan SOS in Sector V.

Safeguarding confidential information and not allowing unwanted elements into the company are the main reasons for the spurt in sleuthing.

'The companies get the backgrounds checked by us so that they do not have a fraud on their rolls,' sums up the Tops source.

Globe Securities, which has run a check on more than 2,500 candidates in 12 months, recently handled a case in which a youth applied to one of the biggest IT companies in Sector V, boasting work experience in an even bigger company headquartered in Bangalore. It was found that the candidate had no previous work experience.

T.K. Das, regional head, Globe Securities, puts the phenomenon in a nutshell: 'With IT becoming such a big employment-generator, a large number of people want to get in. Those who do not make the grade, try to gain entry by providing false information.'

At Darks Security Consultant Private Limited, which has screened over 3,000 candidates in a year, the devil lies in the detailing.

'First, the residential address is verified. Then, we check for falsification of educational qualification. Finally, we check for police records and the like,' explains Captain P.K. Mitra of Darks.

With IT offices in town increasingly dealing with confidential information of global clients, the snoop-before-you-hire policy is here to stay.

'It makes sense to run a full background check before employing anybody,' says Brigadier Suresh Menon, CEO, BNKe Solutions, with over 500 employees.

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