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Rules in place to help SEZs bloom
The government today announced the long-awaited special economic zone rules that are expected to attract Rs 100,000 crore investment and generate 5 lakh jobs in the next three years. ...  | Read.. 
Benchmark set for PSU turnaround
The Congress-led government has set a benchmark to turn around state-run firms. According to North Block officials, only tho ...  | Read.. 
Anil has more than just four
How many companies did the Anil Ambani group get through the demerger' Four' Think again. Itís actually 189. In compari ...  | Read.. 
Shake-up to add fizz to Coke growth
In a major organisational restructuring of its overseas operations, Coca-Cola has appointed Glenn Jordan as president of the ...  | Read.. 
Overseas ties key to Tata Motors bus ride
Tata Motors will develop new platforms to make buses for emerging countries by leveraging its presence in South Korea and Sp ...  | Read.. 
Rules in place to help SEZs bloom
TCS to ramp up Calcutta operations
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the first software companies to set up shop in Calcutta..  | Read.. 
CIL longs for market warmth
The Coal India management is in favour of diluting around 5 per cent equity in the market to raise ..  | Read.. 
Sanyang revs up for local launch
Taiwanese two-wheeler firm Sanyang, which has acquired an 11.1 per cent stake in Kinetic Motor Co, ..  | Read.. 
Hyderabad destination for FAB city
Sem India Ltd and American semiconductor company AMD will set up Indiaís first advanced s..  | Read.. 
NCAER sees 7.8% growth
The National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) has estimated that the economy would ..  | Read.. 
Rich returns from infotech
Notwithstanding infrastructure bottlenecks and rising competition from countries like China, th..  | Read.. 
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