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Toll rises as protests worsen
Muslim protests against cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad claimed three more lives today when Afghan police fired at a crowd trying to storm a US military base. ...  | Read.. 
Double standards
Muslims have decried as hypocrites western dailies which have cited free speech as the reason for printing disrespectful cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, saying the same new ...  | Read.. 
Maoists mull V-day gift
The Royal Municipal Polls are a failure despite what King Gyanendra’s courtiers may claim. Few voters turned out to cast ballots today. ...  | Read.. 
China bar on tobacco ventures
China will not allow new cigarette factories, including joint ventures with foreign partners, as part of efforts to reduce smoking in a country that puffs its way through alm ...  | Read.. 
Koizumi cool on succession
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi backed away from his vow to change the law to let women inherit the throne today, one day after sudden news that a royal princess wa ...  | Read.. 
Alicia Keys at a pre-Grammy party in Beverly Hills. (Reuters)
Paris problem
Actors split
Nigeria flu
Russia blast
Fossett bid
Bush draws flak at King widow funeral
Speakers seized on the presence of President George W. Bush to attack his policies yesterday at the..  | Read.. 
Study: Less fat no protection
Women who ate less fat and more fruits, vegetables and grains did not reduce their risk of two type..  | Read..