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At the PM's displeasure
In the third week of January, Mani Shankar Aiyar was in Peking, trying to persuade the Chinese that both China and India would save money if they bid jointly for oil concessions across the world. He came back, and on Sunday, the Prime Minister took a...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Not funny
Sir ' Considering the ongoing controversy over the Danish caricatures of Prophet Mohammad, there is ...  | Read.. 
End of the road'
Sir ' Not many cricketers agreed with the former Pakistan captain, Moin Khan, that Sachin Tendulkar ...  | Read.. 
Working rules
Sir ' Subir K. Kole argues against the legalization of prostitution in India ('To trade in pleasur ...  | Read.. 
The Sensex has had a marvellous ride in recent years, rising from 2900 in May 2003 to a high of 10000 on Monday. That is an a...| Read.. 
Sexual justice continues to elude Indian homosexuals. But the Supreme Court has now asked the Delhi high court to re-examine ...| Read.. 
The new indian truth
The year 2006 is moving on roller-skates as we enter the second half of February with a sense of disarray across the politica...  | Read.. 
Beginning of an affair
Condoleezza Rice pulled a fast one over China and Russia in London last week to get them to vote against Iran and in favour of America when push came to shove at the Internati...  | Read.. 
A lifeline for troubled workers
Convention No. 81... provides for a system of labour inspection to secure the enforcement of the legal provisions relating to conditions of work and the protection of workers ...  | Read.. 
We should never permit ourselves to behave in excess except with those whom we will leave soon. ' PIERRE-AMBROISE CHODERLOS DE LACLOS