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Third Law

Diligence pays

It was wonderful to learn that intellectuals too suffer from certain disorders (Creative Sparks, January 23). If they could overcome such arcane disorders, then why can’t we' The reason is “perseverance” which we unfortunately lack. Albert Einstein, the inspiration for budding scientists, suffered from obsession and unusual behaviour. This makes me wonder, whether our scientists like A.J.C. Bose, C.V. Raman and Ramanujan suffered from bouts of mental instability too'

B.Naveen Kumar Kharagpur

Gossiping helps!

Gossip adds flavour to our lives, which otherwise would have been quite mundane (Have you heard, January 16). Gossiping has been an effective communication tool since time unknown. Gossip has always been spicy. It’s tangy taste has a refreshing effect in human mind. It is a humanistic approach to ideas and imagination, to cater public views concerning “reflection of images” via comments of other fellow humans.

Jayanta Topadar Sontipur, Assam

Beethoven omitted

It was shocking to discover that Ludwig. V. Beethoven, an eminent musician of the 18th century had been omitted in your cover story Creative Sparks (January 23). Beethoven was deaf, but his ailment didn’t stop him from producing great music. You may not agree that missing out Beethoven among those who persevered to mark their insane genius. But still his omission was a significant one.

Manojendu Majumdar Golf Green, Calcutta

Fatal nexus

The initiative to expose the nexus between pharmaceutical companies and doctors in the US (Seductive medicines, January 30) was a commendable one. The dirty tricks employed by the drug industry has left us shocked.

Jagannath Chatterjee Bhubaneswar

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