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The future is in your head
Take a sprinkling of scientists and mix with a frisson of philosophers. Do lots of stirring; add train guards, artists, accountants and school teachers... and what do you get' A soggy mess of lay people confused by brain-science jargon, such as neurotransmission and voxel-based morphometry' This was...  | Read.. 
Happy homecoming
A long journey ended and a new one began in the same way, with sleepless nights. On January 15, the sample capsule from the Stardust spacecraft made a ...  | Read.. 
The future is in your head
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Debunking a software myth
If one programmer writes 20 lines of program in a day, how many programmers will it take to write a million lines in one year' The simple-minded answer would be (go on, Iíll work it out for you!) 200 programmers working 250 days a year could wri ...  | Read.. 
Moody media
Wasp sensor
Positive feelings
When I first heard about magnetic resonance therapy (MRT), it sounded so far-fetched as to border on science fiction. Iím supposed to lie on a bed of magnets so that my body can be retuned to the earthís frequency. And this will renew me at ...  | Read.. 
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QED: Fixed-deposit death
THE MUMMY RETURNS' Yes, it does. This time, however, itís rich Americans who have taken a leaf out of ancient Egyptian rituals to immortalise themselves. They are preparing to have their bodies deep-frozen at the moment of death to be ďawake ...  | Read.. 
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FORTUNEís FORMULA William Poundstone Hill and Wang; $ 27...  | Read.. 
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