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Bad prescription
Each year, hundreds of thousands of couples go into counselling in an effort to save their troubled relationships. But does marital therapy work' Not nearly as well as it should, researchers say. Two years after ending counselling, studies find, 25 per cent of couples are worse off than they were wh...  | Read.. 
No mirror image
Evolutionary biologists generally agree that humans and other living species have descended from bacteria-like ancestors. But about 2 billion years ag ...  | Read.. 
Scent of an elephant
Like Christmas, musth comes but once each year. And for the male elephants that go through it, thatís a good thing. For during musth, a period of ...  | Read.. 
Bad prescription
Risky space
Breathing ears
Bugs in soil
Laser salt
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Dental hazard
Benefits of gossip
Open marketplace
By now, everybody knows that anything audio is eventually followed by something video. Radio first, then TV. Audio tape, then videotape. CD, then DVD. ...  | Read.. 
See your caller
Saving on fuel
Drug dilemma
The life-threatening stroke that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered early this month has focused attention on the treatment of strokes, in particular the use of anti-coagulants ...  | Read.. 
A nose for cancer
Calorie bounty
Killing two birds with one stone
Lawsuit threat looms on sugary cereals
Thyroid disorders ruin sex life
Funny movie helps heart
QED: Seductive medicines
Heard about the latest coup in the world of pharmaceutical marketing' Probably not, because the latest drug promotion strategy of hiring wannabe beauty queens and cheerleaders is undergoing a trial run in the US. And once it clicks (early reports say ...  | Read.. 
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Daniel C. Dennett
Vikings (Penguin); $ 17.13
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