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Sound of music
At 2 in the dark dewy morning, the half-moon-shaped Nazrul Mancha is a sea of people. Old and young, the silk and chiffon brigade and the jeans and kurta-clad, the elderly with walking sticks by their side and the blonde foreigner glued to her handycam. Some with eyes shut, experiencing an ecstasy, some nodding in a daze and a few dozing off ...  | Read.. 
E-tools for tourists
Have you ever wished for a free translator on a holiday to a foreign country, where the language barrier is too daunting and ...  | Read.. 
Pictures by Aranya Sen and Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya
Sound of music
Hello, it's Sunday, January 29, 2006
Fair draw
Campus call
Eye on art
City Lights
Muddled marriage ...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Gold gala on b’day
What: Launch of the golden jubilee celebrations at A. Sirkar....  | Read.. 
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