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Creative sparks
New research in fields as diverse as music, art, science and literature suggests that we’re wrong to think that great men and women achieve despite disease. Their illness in many cases is a path, rather than an obstacle, to genius. Einstein, Warhol, Newton, Cézanne, Goya, Michelangelo, Turner and Berlioz are among many whose achievements are now thought to have been influenced by disease. Conditions such as depression, autism, myopia, anxiety, chronic pain, gout, stroke and dementia heavily influenced their paths to creativity ...  | Read.. 
Robonauts have landed
In 1989, using an insect-like robot named Genghis, Rodney Brooks pitched a bold vision for exploring space: Send up an army of small, cheap machines to rove around on a distant planet and beam back data. The concept kicked off a new era in robotics, and eight years later, NASA sent the simple probe Sojourner rolling across the surface of Mars ...  | Read.. 
Spinning star
Teacher ants
Musical cloth
Frost thawing
Not pain pals
Tabs on porn
No preachers please
Not so portable
When Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio first introduced their subscription audio services, both companies expected success to come primarily from the automobile market. Since most radio listening is done in the car, the two companies work ...  | Read.. 
Clever cars
Smart DVR
Future perfect
Megha Bagla, a Delhi resident, is expecting her first child this year. While most pregnant mothers would be knitting socks, searching for baby names and following homemade suggestions, Bagla has done something different. She has insured her umbilical ...  | Read.. 
Rollover risk
Desire for abstinence
No more holding your breath
Childhood infections take toll in adult life
Aircraft noise spoils attention
Flu virus resistant to drugs
Sex potion for women
QED: Math as a fresh mint
It is a rare sight in India: A mathematics teacher in a television commercial for mouth freshener. This is unusual because popular media in this country has no place, or time, for ‘cerebral’ activities such as mathematics. There are more sur ...  | Read.. 
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