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There is no Cal but Cal!
I went to Bangalore for the first time last month, around the new year. On the flight, a newspaper headline announced that the city was now about to be renamed, or, rather, it was to revert to its 'traditional' name Bengaluru. Reaching Bangalore (or,...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
A change of heart
Sir ' The report '2020 odyssey in 45 minutes' (Jan 18) puts the cart before the horse. India would ...  | Read.. 
Easy pickings
Sir ' Virender Sehwag's exploits against Pakistan can be compared with Sunil Gavaskar's heroics aga ...  | Read.. 
Morality in politics cannot be instilled through legislation. Morality becomes part of the political system through years of ...| Read.. 
Mind the gap
Friend in deed
Difficult task
Missing in action
With due respect
Troubled waters
Current nationalism is merely the affirmation of the right of colonial elites to repeat history and follow the road travelled by the rich toward the universal consumption of internationally marketed packages, a road which can ultimately lead only to universal pollution and universal frustration. ' IVAN ILLICH
Rent a womb
Everyone, from foreign couples to Indian ones, is seeking wombs for rent these days. As a result, surrogate motherhood is becoming big business ...  | Read..