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The sounds of sophistication
Corporate attorney Sonia Khanna is a music and gadget buff and she has never had it so good. When she walks in to her ‘digital’ home after a hectic day at work, she invariably reaches out for the remote of her fancy ' read multi-room, wirele...  | Read.. 
Guiding light
Dev Kantawala is 11 years old and already a veteran in the twin worlds of acting and modelling. He has starred in popular ...  | Read.. 
Picture perfect
What would a modelling agency put on its 2006 calendar' Yep, you got it right ' models. So, when Elite Model Management unvei ...  | Read.. 
My weekend: Sharmila Biswas
While for most people, the weekend comprises two days, for me, enjoying any time off from work would only be on a Sunday. Sat ...  | Read.. 
The luxury challenge
It’s official! Audi has been in India for a while now offering as it does the A8 and the A6, but now that the A4 has jus ...  | Read.. 
Sanctuary in the skies
In Greek it means ‘suspended from air’. And, when I caught my first glimpse of the Meteora monasteries in Greece, i ...  | Read.. 
Broccoli bonus
Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse full of vitamins like Vitamin C, and minerals like potassium. And, unless you absolutely ...  | Read.. 
The sounds of sophistication
Budget blasts
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