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Are you game'

Who would want to exercise if one could instead sit and play a computer game' Doctors suggest that little physical activity can make you fat and sluggish. To solve this problem, a few professors of the University of Massachusetts, US, have put their heads together to create an innovative game that lets you exercise ' and have fun at the same time.

He interactive game, called Trazer, can be played when a kid wears a belt with sensors. As the child runs, jumps or kicks, an image on the screen, too, does the same. The faster the move, the more points the player gets. There are many versions of the Trazer games ' one even allows you to play football.

Lans are afoot to introduce the games in local community centres where children of the area can go for a round of gaming ' and also end up exercising their muscles.

case files

Catching up

If you think police- men are only good at catching thieves, you are way off the mark. The Essex police department in the United Kingdom have found out that many members of the force actually have second jobs ' which include everything from working as magicians and entertainers to florists and musicians. Apparently, a policemanís salary isnít good enough. Or so they claim.

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