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How big is BIG
After Shah Rukh Khan, have you heard of any filmstar who has made it big in films' The answer is a resounding ‘no’! There may be huge stars around who command big money in the TV industry, but everything comes to naught once they try to up ...  | Read.. 
Bound by contract
All about owning a star ...  | Read.. 
Ek yehi baat na bhooli...
“One reason why I did Julie in Kannada was because I got to sing Rajesh Roshan’s immortal ...  | Read.. 
‘And he [Javed] wept’
Shabana Azmi on 15 Park Avenue and Morning Raga, among other things cinematic, before leaving for the Eco Summit to Davos ...  | Read.. 
Q: How was it working with Aparna Sen again in 15 Park Avenue' ...  | Read.. 
Raw deal
Asha Bhosle is delighted with her Grammy nomination, but unhappy with the album’s ...  | Read.. 
Lose some, win some
With the new-kindled enthu of an assistant director promoted to director, Subir Mukherjee was all hyper- energy while getting ...  | Read.. 
‘The bureaucracy was only doing its job and going by the law of the land’
Amitabh Bachchan surfaces from his six-week illness to tax inquiries and a backlog of work ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
The TV artistes who have made an impact on television. Here’s what they think ...  | Read.. 
Krishna: A Celebration of Shri Krishna and Radha’s Shringar
Shubha Mudgal
Music Today; Rs 75
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Defeatist message
Senile, maddening
You may be a superstar on the small screen. But, hey, are you Shah Rukh Khan yet'
How big is BIG
Complex tale, told straight