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Court takes Moolah-am count
The Supreme Court today asked Uttar Pardesh chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav to respond to charges that he and his family owned unaccounted assets worth crores. ...  | Read.. 
‘Bogus’ taste for Rao
A tall man briskly marches to a brick-walled but thatched house. ...  | Read.. 
Couple’s tiff takes off, flight gets grounded
An international flight taxied back to the parking bay before take-off following a domestic snag ' a squabbling couple on board demanded that they be offloaded immediately. ...  | Read.. 
Look before you pop herbs
Experts warn of absence of testing of traditional medicine
Swami Ramdev’s pharmacy in Hardwar is among hundreds across India producing cocktails of herbs and minerals that have never undergone the rigorous safety and efficacy ...  | Read.. 
Court takes Moolah-am count
I would like to suggest that we should play three openers

Tongue Twister
On a visit to Mumbai a few years ago to play at an interesting workshop for advertising and sales ex ...  | Read..
Seeds of judiciary, House clash
Setting the stage for a possible confrontation between the judiciary and the legislature, Delhi ...  | Read..