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R & D

Synthetic life

Scientists in Canada are on the verge of creating world’s first synthetic life form ' human-made species ' at a research complex in Rockville, US. Robert Holt, head of sequencing for the Genome Science Centre at the University of British Columbia, is leading the efforts in the production of a microbe from scratch.

Single idea

All animals bear the same stamp of physics in their design. Researchers at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering and Pennsylvania State University think that the so-called Theory of Everything, a single idea that combines all the laws of physics, can explain the locomotion of animals of every ilk ' from flying insects to fish.

Past echo

A team of astronomers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US has found faint visible light “echoes” that were flashed into pulses of short-lived brilliance and reflected by interstellar gas clouds hundreds of light-years away from explosions a few centuries ago. They were actually ancient supernovae located in a nearby galaxy in the southern sky.

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