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Samaritan stands framed
- Doctor who helped mishap victim blamed for it

Does it pay to be a Samaritan in Calcutta' If one goes by what a city doctor is suffering for having extended a helping hand to an accident 'victim', it most certainly does not.

A good deed of the day, done way back in September, has returned to haunt an eye surgeon with the Bidhannagar State General Hospital. For, the 'saviour' now stands accused of being the cause of the accident.

On the evening of September 19, while returning home from work, the surgeon had noticed a small crowd at the crossing of Beleghata Main Road and Phoolbagan. He looked out of his Maruti car, with his driver at the wheel, and spotted a young man lying writhing in pain.

When his car stopped, some local youths approached him and narrated how a speeding vehicle had knocked down young Bapi. They urged the doctor to help the injured local youth and he readily agreed to take him to hospital.

At Bidhannagar State General Hospital, Bapi was treated for minor injuries before being discharged. Only when the doctor was assured that the youth was doing fine did he return home.

A few days ago, the good doctor received a call from an inspector of Beleghata police station, informing him that an accident case had been initiated against him.

'I was shocked. I spoke to numerous witnesses who, too, expressed shock and dismay at the turn of events,' the doctor told Metro on Thursday, after a visit to the office of Vineet Goyel, deputy commissioner of police (eastern suburban division) with his side of the story.

'First, I received a call from some youths, who said they were trying to get a handsome accident insurance claim for the injured youth and asked for the registration number of the vehicle. And then, the police tell me I was the one who had caused the accident, which is completely false,' the doctor stated in his complaint.

After being accused of the accident, the surgeon even drove back to the Beleghata shanty where the youth lives to find out why he was being framed. But the youth refused to speak to him, senior police officers said.

'Some local residents said they even doubted the fact that there had been an accident that evening. They said the whole thing was a set-up' I am at a loss,' said the doctor.

On Thursday, no one in the area was willing to recount the incident. 'This is a police case,' was all that a paanwallah would say.

Deputy commissioner Goyel said: 'Although a case has been initiated against the doctor, if we find he is on the right side, we will file a case under Section 211 (false charge of offence made with intent to injure) and punish the guilty.'

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