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Pak madarsa showdown
Islamic seminaries in Pakistan vowed today to resist a government move to expel all foreign students by the end of the year, while the government said there would be no extension of the deadline. ...  | Read.. 
Snuppy mystery still not solved
A South Korean investigation panel looking into the works of a disgraced scientist said on Thursday it could not yet reach a conclusion on whether his team produced the world ...  | Read.. 
Snuppy, claimed by Hwang to be the first cloned dog
Iran N-deal
Lanka powder keg
As the white-clad body of a slain pro-rebel politician lay in a hall in eastern Sri Lanka today, mo..  | Read.. 
Last nail in stem-cell scandal
A South Korean panel dealt a devastating blow to discredited scientist Hwang Woo-Suk today, conclud..  | Read..