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2005 was the year of careless whispers, cool capers, tragic ends and febrile starts, of MMS clippings catching Ashmit (who') Patel and Riya (what!) Sen in come-promising positions. Kama Sutra, here we come'. If it was the year when Hindi cinem...  | Read.. 
‘Maybe I should start wearing a bindi to be more Indian for the Film Federation’
Playwright Mahesh Dattani’s second film, Morning Raga, continues to go from glory to glory. The latest being its back-door entry to the Oscars ...  | Read.. 
‘It’s a myth that he’s a guy’s director’
As she slips into the role of Umrao Jaan everyone is talking about her dedication and drive. Says her director J.P. Dutta ...  | Read.. 
Khanji Londonwale'
The super-meticulous costar-conscious Aamir Khan. Contrary to belief, Aamir Khan isn’t paired with Soha Ali Khan in Rake ...  | Read.. 
Rahman ki Durbar mein
After conquering every possible peak, Lata Mangeshkar at 76, seems unstoppable. She has just recorded another song with A. R. ...  | Read.. 
The real thing
Barely a few weeks after the Grammy nomination for her collaboration with Kronos Quartet, Asha Bhosle is all set to pay her b ...  | Read.. 
That’s the way it goes...
And that’s the way we like it! What fun! As in journalism footnotes, if dog bites man, it’s not news. If man bites ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
Last week, while shooting for Sony Entertainment’s game show Deal Ya No Deal the show’s host Madhavan ...  | Read.. 
What They Will Be Up To On New Year’s Day ...  | Read.. 
Filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak’s last award-winning film, Jukti ...  | Read.. 
Legends: Madan Mohan The Instinctive Genius SaReGaMa; 5-CD pack ...  | Read.. 
Element of unknown
But for the overkill...

An over-the-shoulder look at 2005. With a cheer, and a tear.

Amitabh Bachchan, (left) Rani Mukherjee and (top, left) Abhishek Bachchan