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Service revamp at exchanges

SAMAR KUMAR CHAKRABORTY, chief general manager, Calcutta Telephones, met readers of The Telegraph in his office to answer their queries. Participants included Diptimoy Ghosh, A.K. Sen, P.K. Bal, Kajal Bose, Md Sharique Ehsan, Lalit Singh Nahar, Subhadyuti Datta, Sourish Misra, C.N. Bhattacharya, K.N. Jha, Subhas Sarkar and Jitendranath Das

Subhadyuti Datta: What New Year gift can we expect from Calcutta Telephones'

Global Switch Mobile or CellOne PCO. It will bring the PCO service to the doorstep of the common people. The mobile PCOs can even be carried on a bicycle.

Md Sharique Ehsan: The times to visit the officers are prominently displayed on boards put up at the telephone exchanges. However, the officers are seldom available during the visiting hours.

We have already commissioned a single-window system in Salt Lake. Similar facilities will be available at the Entally exchange by January. Officers will be available round-the-clock to listen to your problems.

Lalit Singh Nahar: I received an offer by SMS to obtain a broadband connection. However, when I visited my exchange, the officers there said they were not aware of any such offer.

You need not have visited the exchange. You merely needed to choose the submit option at the end of the SMS to avail of the offer.

A.K. Sen: I bought a broadband modem from Calcutta Telephones, but was not given the warranty card. When will I get it'

You need not worry about the modem warranty. If the set does not function, bring it to us and we will do the needful. Since we procure the modems in bulk from a company, we do not get separate warranty cards for each.

Sourish Mishra: A CellOne cashcard with a month's validity costs at least Rs 200. Will you introduce cashcards of lower denominations in the future'

There is a Rs-150 cashcard. I will try to find out the reason why it is not available in Calcutta.

Kajal Bose: Some people buy CellOne pre-paid cards from you and sell them at a premium. Why can't you check this'

That's the job of the police. The customers should avoid buying cashcards from these people.

Jitendranath Das: Sometimes we do not get our bill back after paying by cheque. Can't you engage agents to collect the cheques'

This happens because of confusion over mailing addresses. You can find out whether your cheque has been received or not by dialling 1501/2/3. We will soon introduce a system where those paying by cheque would receive a call from us within 48 hours. We plan to engage PCO-owners to collect the cheques.

Kajal Bose: You have made the caller line identification (CLI) service free, but are not supplying telephone sets with the feature.

We have no plans to supply sets with the CLI feature. We charge only Rs 500 for a new connection even though it costs us more than Rs 13,000.

Subhadyuti Datta: Calcutta Telephones launches various schemes for subscribers from time to time. But the PCO operators are invariably ignored.

We are aware of the fact that a good number of the PCO operators are either unemployed or widowed. We are drawing up plans to utilise our existing chain of 30,000 PCOs.

The owners of PCOs offering STD facilities now get commissions ranging from 25 per cent to 35 per cent. They will be given an extra discount upto 9.5 per cent on their monthly bill and an additional 3 per cent bonus if they sell recharge coupons of India Telephone Card. They will also be paid a commission of Rs 5 for every cheque or draft they collect from our subscribers and deposit at the local exchange.


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