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A divided city
The city I live in has two names, these captured in the title of the first chapter of Janaki Nair's fine recent book on the city's history: Bengaluru/Bangalore. As Nair explains, the first name refers to the older part of the city, which has had a mo...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
To every ailment, a reason
Sir ' One cannot but be amused at how the reasons for chronic diseases vary from one country to ano ...  | Read.. 
Dirt in the campus
Sir ' One of the most important tasks undertaken by the Supreme Court is to rid the campuses in the ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir' The way The Telegraph sympathetically presents the case of a young murderer's father in ...  | Read.. 
There are some political parties that suffer from a deep insecurity. They need attention all the time, and are terrified of o...| Read.. 
Old, infirm and happy
Some old people in their eighties wrote to me about the problems of life in its decline. They complain about increasing helpl...  | Read.. 
Successful politicians...are insecure and intimidated men. They advance politically only as they placate, appease, bribe, seduce, bamboozle, or otherwise manage to manipulate the demanding and threatening elements in their constituencies. ' WALTER LIPPMANN
Doctor of spin
Some experts have been busy writing off Anil Kumble, but the 35-year-old engineer has proved that he is still a force to reck...  | Read..