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Democracy D-Day in Kabul
Former warlords, ex-communists, Taliban defectors and women activists were sworn in today members of the first Afghan Parliament in over 30 years amid hopes of national reconciliation after decades of bloodshed. ...  | Read.. 
Saddam, ‘gassed & betrayed’
For the first time recounting the moments of his capture by American troops two years ago, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, through his lawyer, has claimed that he was & ...  | Read.. 
On Iraq, time for Bush to plead
US President George W. Bush tonight made an unusually direct personal appeal to Americans not to give in to despair over Iraq, insisting “we are winning” despite a ...  | Read.. 
Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon rested in hospital today after a minor stroke that raised questions over his political future, but doctors said he should recover fu ...  | Read.. 
Saddam, ‘gassed & betrayed’
NY strike threat
Nazi trial
Uganda order
Bolivia polls
Lanka army opens fire in Tamil belt
Sri Lankan troops and protesters clashed in the minority Tamil-dominated Jaffna peninsula today, wi..  | Read.. 
Kids turn to torture as Barbie loses sparkle
Barbie dolls have become so ubiquitous that they have lost their value to children who maim, burn o..  | Read..