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Catching the small fry
Even as late as last week, if someone of some consequence had dared to suggest either in print or on TV that parliament was full of crooks, he would have been promptly slapped with a privilege notice by indignant custodians of democratic values. It i...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Whose interest'
Sir ' The slash in the interest rate of the employees' provident fund by one per cent for the curre ...  | Read.. 
Reform is for the government and not for the party. This appears to be the prevalent mood and dictum within the Communist Par...| Read.. 
Mob violence has great advantages. The difficulty of fixing culpability for the most horrific actions allows some of the crue...| Read.. 
Games by other rules
Why have we let politicking, in the worst possible way, infiltrate our lives in every sphere' The absolutely loutish manner i...  | Read.. 
It will be a gay world. There will be lights everywhere except in the minds of men, and the fall of the last civilization will not be heard above the din. ' HERBERT EDWARD READ
Her eyes only
Indiraji Through my Eyes By Usha Bhagat, Penguin, Rs 595...  | Read.. 
Elixir of death
Gunpowder By Clive Ponting, Chatto & Windus, ' 11...  | Read.. 
Not the stiff upper lip kind
Great British Wit By Rosemarie Jarski, Ebury ' 4.75...  | Read.. 
Girl uninterrupted
Strangeland By Tracey Emin, Sceptre, ' 14.99...  | Read.. 
The rules of the game
'Publishers do it by the Book,' was the emblem inscribed on T-shirts that ...  | Read.. 

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