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Bengal tap for Reliance gas
Huge gas finds by Reliance off the Orissa coast could mean a windfall for Bengal with the Mukesh Ambani company planning to lay a pipeline to Haldia where a chemical hub is being developed. ...  | Read.. 
Singh hands off PF rate
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said Left demands for a higher provident fund interest payment would depend on whether the fund’s managers could afford it. ...  | Read.. 
Beijing border and business on PM menu
The Indian government hopes to resolve the long-standing border dispute with China even as it steps up economic relations by opening itself to Chinese investment. ...  | Read.. 
PM in mango push
US ban on Bush cabinet’s table for review
Between negotiating tricky nuclear deals and now handling the busy portfolio of external affairs, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has found time for some innovative economic di ...  | Read.. 
Explosions tore through a fuel depot north of London on Sunday, spewing a huge tower of smoke and flame in what officials said could be the biggest in ...  | Read
We thought it
may have been an earthquake

after hearing the explosions in the UK oil depot
Tongue Twister
Congo Square, who have enriched our winters by reviving the practice of inviting internationally acc ...  | Read..
Love twist to kidnap
The woman apparently kidnapped off her fiance’s motorbike yesterday was found at Burrabaza ...  | Read..