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Techie contract term nips marriage

Chandigarh, Dec. 10: The proposal came on the day of the wedding.

Yes, the marriage was on ' but for one month.

The guests had started coming in when young Rohini, dressed in her bridal finery, got the call from the man with whom she was about to start a new life.

Only, Rohit Nagpal didn?t see it that way. He wanted a one-month contract to ?determine? his would-be partner?s ?compatibility?.

If they hit it off, fine; if not, too bad.

A stunned Rohini, who first thought Rohit was joking, ran to her parents. ?She was decked up and looking very pretty. She rushed out of the room with tears in her eyes and asked her mother to request the guests to leave as the wedding had been called off,? a relative said over phone from Gurgaon.

Informed of the development, police rushed to Rohit?s Sector 14 house with Rohini?s parents and relatives. But the software engineer remained adamant. If he and Rohini, a master in computer applications whom he had met in Pune, got along well, they could remain man and wife. If not, they would divorce.

With Rohit refusing to change his mind, the wedding was called off.

?Rohit continued to demand a one-month contract, which the bride?s parents found strange. But they have settled the matter among themselves and hence no case has been registered,? a police officer said.

Gurgaon superintendent of police Hanif Qureishi was not available for comment despite repeated requests.

According to the police, Rohit and his family have agreed to compensate Rohini?s parents for the amount they spent to arrange the wedding.

?Nearly Rs 10 lakh was spent on arrangements that also included a car. Rohit has agreed to compensate Rohini?s parents. Rohit is not averse to marrying her. But he wants the wedding to be conditional. We don?t have any laws to tackle such problems,? a police officer said.

Sources in Rohini?s family said her parents have demanded a written apology from Rohit?s parents. ?We will have to get her married within our community and people should know what had happened and who was responsible for calling off the wedding,? a relative said.

This is not the first time marriage-related matters have taken a bizarre turn in Haryana. Earlier, a village council had ordered a husband and wife to annul their marriage and start treating each other as brother and sister.

Sonia and Rampal were told that their marriage was unacceptable as there was ?bhaichara? (brotherhood) between the sub-castes they belonged to.

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