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Liverpool shrine to Lennon
Fans laid flowers and lit candles today to honour music icon and peace activist John Lennon, 25 years after he was murdered outside his New York apartment....  | Read.. 
Like Paris, like Nicole: another wedding off
Reality TV star Nicole Richie and her fiancee, club disc jockey Adam Goldstein, have called off their wedding, her publicist ...  | Read.. 
Even a teen needs to get serious sometimes
When teen actor Lindsay Lohan decided to become known as teen singer Lindsay Lohan, she followed a tried-and-true formula fo ...  | Read.. 
City as an unpredictable beast
If one were to choose a label to summarise the art of Prabhakar Kolte, it would have to be urban. Urban not only because the shreds of shades he cobbles together spell smart a...  | Read.. 
Body language
Innovation in traditional dance format was the central attraction of the programme ...  | Read.. 
Playing hide-and-seek with a raga
Paramparik’s well-organised fifth annual event on the December 4 at G.D. Birla Sabhagar ended with the flute recital of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. A class apart, it pro...  | Read.. 
Tribute to geniuses
A poet’s story retold
Disturbing distortions
Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen raises a toast during the inauguration of an accessories shop in Hong Kong on Thursday. (AFP)