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God of all things
Dr Leonard Susskind, the Felix Bloch professor in theoretical physics at Stanford University and one of the pioneers of string theory, is all set to add new fuel to the fire that’s now raging in the US. Although sparked off by a legal battle on a school board’s decision to teach biology in...  | Read.. 
Biggest riddle solved
Among all the lucky coincidences that have made life possible, nothing befuddles physicists more than the so-called ‘cosmological constant’. ...  | Read.. 
‘Dad, I wannabe a physicist’
My father was a tough wiry Jew from the Bronx. He was a small man with Popeye forearms and hands strong enough to crack walnuts just by squeezing. He was my hero ...  | Read.. 
Prof. Leonard Susskind
God of all things
Sun death
Nano tracker
Iceberg song
Food for Mars
Brain food
Abysmal teaching
Vaccine brigade
Drag, drop and burn
Optical disc drives for recording CDs and DVDs are a bit like long-distance runners: there is always another speed threshold to conquer, fresh terrain to explore. For years, the digital equivalent of the four-minute mile for CDburners was 2.4x, a gla ...  | Read.. 
Toy Chimp
Play and type
Power of ‘Om’
Meditation seems to energise the sleep-deprived. It seems to help with concentration. It even seems to bolster the very structure of the brain as we age. Neuroscientists presenting their latest research at a convention of 34,000 colleagues recently h ...  | Read.. 
A giant tissue trove
Excess control
Cyber version of a cuddle
Hospitals kill more than plane crashes
Thyroid links with heart attack
Painless cure for fibroids
Fatter rears need deeper jabs
QED: Flight of innovators
The vibes Had been felt before, but now it’s official: the US is becoming a less science-friendly place. More and more signposts confirm that although it has been the world leader in science and technology, the country is rapidly losing its edge. ...  | Read.. 
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Yale University Press; ' 18.95
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