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HK marches for people power
Tens of thousands marched in Hong Kong today for the right to directly elect their leaders and to protest against a package of electoral reforms pushed by the city’s chief executive and Beijing. ...  | Read.. 
Coffee, tea good for liver
Coffee and tea may reduce the risk of serious liver damage in people who drink too much alcohol, are overweight or have too much iron in the blood, researchers have said. ...  | Read.. 
Dhaka raid on terror
Police in Bangladesh today said they had detained nearly 50 suspected Islamist militants overnight, including 10 in the southeastern area of Cox’s Bazar. ...  | Read.. 
Heiress & horseman locked in a knot
Athina Roussel Onassis, heiress to the late Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis’s fortune, married Brazilian equestrian champion Alvaro Affonso de Miranda in a sumpt ...  | Read.. 
Border bother plagues Bush
President George W. Bush has said illegal border crossings were adding to cri-me and placing burdens on border communities, pushing his plan to overhaul immigration policy as ...  | Read.. 
Sean Connery and wife Micheline Roquebrune Connery arrive at the European film awards ceremony in Berlin. Connery will be given the lifetime achieveme ...  | Read
Sexsomnia, what'
Bug bane
Shot at poll murder in Iraq shrine
Iraq’s former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said gunmen tried to assassinate him in Shi’ite ..  | Read.. 
Prince battles the prowlers
Prince William is personally masterminding attempts to ensure that his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, ..  | Read..