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A different ball game
Sachin Dev Barman, scion of the royal family of Tripura, was a failed tennis player. No matter, he had a superior passion. Gifted with a rich lilting voice, a slight nasal twang adding to its allure, his music took the Bengali middle class by storm i...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Tragic end
Sir ' The gruesome murder of Mariappan Raman Kutty by the taliban in Afghanistan needs condemnation ...  | Read.. 
Time was when everything associated with cricket was synonymous with good behaviour. The obscene gesture made by the coach of...| Read.. 
When it takes hard work and patience to carve out even the first step to a peace process, the threat of a return to harder po...| Read.. 
Ready for truth'
'Now that I am in this crazy fervour of mine/ I could do just about anything/ So your stupid, rotten, vain souls/ Wouldn'...  | Read.. 
The woman question
It's like a bizarre Victorian drama unfolding. A comment by an actress on pre-marital sex in an interview to a magazine has led to her arrest order, 20 legal cases, mob violen...  | Read.. 
Millions in search of hope
When historians of human development look back at 2005, they will view it as a turning point. The international community has an unprecedented opportunity to put in place the ...  | Read.. 
The scientific attitude implies...the postulate of objectivity ' that is to say, the fundamental postulate that there is no plan; that there is no intention in the universe. ' JACQUES MONOD