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Borrowed finery
'For West Bengal Red denotes more than the colour of its ideology. It is also the colour of its economy,' says a news report, referring obviously to the state of West Bengal government's finances. 'A Planning Commission review of the state's performa...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Minor vices
Sir ' Quotas for the minorities in specialized institutions like the Indian Institutes of Managemen ...  | Read.. 
The rise and fall of leaders are not necessarily the most significant aspect of electoral verdicts. Elections, after all, are...| Read.. 
The long election schedule had its share of criticism but in retrospect, perhaps, it was necessary to maintain peace through ...| Read.. 
Colour no bar
Apartheid and Africa are close cousins. South Africa had avoided competing against the 'coloured' nations ever since they beg...  | Read.. 
To recover lost ground
As the taxi winds up the highway from Dimapur to Kohima, a few kilometres away from the Nagaland capital, a table placed by the side ...  | Read.. 
Remove threats to global security
Mineral and other natural resource exports do not create violent conflict. Neither do small arms. But markets for natural resources and small arms can provide the means ...  | Read.. 
It's prudent to gain the whole world and lose your own soul. But don't forget that your soul sticks to you if you stick to it; but the world has a way of slipping through your fingers. ' BERNARD SHAW