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Big bang
Opening up stronger and wider links to the river to complement the proposed waterfront promenade and plaza. Creating distinctive landscape languages on individual land parcels. Maximising the chemistry between the golf villas and the river vista to ensure greater marketing leverage. And more — all just 15 km from Dalhousie Square....  | Read.. 
Next weekend you can be at ... Frazerganj
Exactly 100 years ago, Lt-Gov. of Bengal Andrew Frazer fell in love with a beach at one end of the Sunderbans ...  | Read.. 
Numbers for self-reliance
In a significant departure from club convention, The Saturday Club proposes to induct 350 new individual members to tide over...  | Read.. 
Fifteen km from the city centre, a real realty revolution is brewing by the river. The project area: 256.94 acres The project cost: Rs 1,500 crore
Big bang
Hello, it's Sunday, November 20, 2005
Fun fest
On a mission
Quiz time
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City Lights
Melting pot of arts
Cuisine, culture and crafts — all from the colourful land of Kutch. For five days from November 24, the city will serve as a melting pot for the indigenous arts and ...  | Read.. 
A dazzling diamond do
It was a bedazzling affair at the Hyatt Regency ballroom on Friday evening,...  | Read.. 
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