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A bomb too many
The diaries of the former Soviet official, I.A. Benediktov, deposited in the archives of the Cold War International Project of the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington DC, offer some interesting insights into the mentality of Indian communists. Benedi...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Equal beings
Sir ' The apprehensions of Y.K. Sabharwal, the new chief justice of India, about the proposed bill ...  | Read.. 
Lack of commitment
Sir ' It is appalling that doctors in a state hospital, and that too in a city like Calcutta, can r ...  | Read.. 
The Indian film world thrives on sex and violence ' in any collocation. So when a heroine of Tamil films, Kushboo, talked abo...| Read.. 
A new state may give its people a new identity, but that is not enough to change their lives. That seems to be the case with ...| Read.. 
Clean, for a change
This is the first time in a long while that the two leaders at the helm of government and party have a reputation that is squ...  | Read.. 
Never support two weaknesses at the same time. It's your combination sinners ' your lecherous liars and your miserly drunkards ' who dishonour the vices and bring them into bad repute. ' THORNTON WILDER
In a new home
Recalling Lindsay Emmerson, the British journalist who married W.C. Bonnerj...  | Read.. 
Read the fine print
Here is a news item published earlier this month ' 'Software giant, Micros...  | Read.. 
To heal the wounds
Low intensity conflicts in India: An analysis By Vivek Chadha, Sage, R...  | Read.. 
A beautiful mind
A. Madhaviah: A biography and a novella By Sita Anantha Raman and Vasan...  | Read.. 
Blessed be the reader
Revelations: Personal responses to the Books of the Bible, Introduced by R...  | Read.. 

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